WALLET ALVINA ''The Chesterfield Brand''

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SKU: C08040131
LEATHER WALLET “The Chesterfield Brand”
5 - 15 Days

This leather wallet can be conveniently folded into three parts so that you can bring all your cards and money with you. On the inside of this wallet there is room for 7 cards, a transparent storage compartment, a zippered storage compartment and a compartment for pocket money.

The wallet is made of high quality wax pull-up leather . The high quality of the leather that we use ensures that your wallet will only become more beautiful over time.

This wallet uses a unique RFID technique. Normally RFID wallets have a hard metal case, but you will not find that in our wallets. The lining of our leather holds a special layer that protects against theft with contactless payment. This way you can be sure that your money is always safe.

Measurements 10cm x 12cm